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Mallonee Farms

Four Generations

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Welcome to Mallonee Farms!
Proudly Organic Since 1997.
Part of the Organic Valley Family of Farms.
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See the King5 report on Mallonee Farms here.
We are an organic dairy farm (certified organic in 1997) in Lewis County, Washington, near Boistfort. We have about 60 milking cows and we are staffed by four generations of Mallonees/Austs including the latest - Jack, 11; Charlie, 8 and Emily - 5 years.

Left to right: Grace (the dog), Jack, Mary, Charlie, John, Maynard, Emily and Kim
The 2012 Lupine Pasture Walk will be held Saturday, June 16, 2012, beginning at 11am at the Baw Faw Grange Hall in Boistfort!
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Mallonee Farms
2066 Wildwood Road
Curtis, WA 98538

John and Mary Mallonee
Maynard and Kim Mallonee
Jack, Charlie and Emily
Jodi Mallonee
Dave and Diana Frampton
Nolan and Jacob